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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Citation Count for Antitrust Professors Who Began Tenure Track Teaching in 2000 or Later

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

I use [first name] /2 [last name] and AFT(1999) as my search term in the JLR data base for US law professors (except in the case of Thom Lambert because where I went with the full name and middle initial because there is a Thomas A. Lambert, Thomas C. Lambert and Thomas F. Lambert).  Note that where people write in more than one field with regularity, I note it.  I included people who write at least 30 percent in antitrust.  I do not distinguish when people began their career but people who started teaching around 2000 have a head start against those of us who started towards the end of the decade.  Of course, a JLR search privileges those who write primarily in US law reviews and primarily on US antitrust.  I include some non-US scholars who have had a number of US law review placements. I also include Geoff Manne, who left tenure track but is still a lecturer and still active in scholarship.

Update 10/14/10.  Because Chris Sagers began his career as Chris Sagers and now authors his work as Christopher Sagers, I have revised the list to accommodate both.

Name (School) Citations (Other field of significant scholarship)

  1. Phil Weiser (Colorado) 500 (Telecom)
  2. Dan Crane (Michigan) 301
  3. Damien Geradin (Tilburg, Michigan) 284
  4. Chris Sprigman (Virginia) 195 (Intellectual Property)
  5. Barak Richman (Duke) 160 (Health Care)
  6. Darren Bush (Houston) 148
  7. Scott Hemphill (Columbia) 116 (Intellectual Property)
  8. Salil Mehra (Temple) 109 (Asian Law)
  9. Josh Wright (George Mason) 97
  10. Daniel Sokol (Florida) 95
  11. Andrew Chin (Carolina) 94 (Intellectual Property)
  12. Geoff Manne (Lewis & Clark) 85
  13. Thom Lambert (Missouri) 79
  14. Avishalom Tor (Haifa) 75 (Behavioral L&E)
  15. Maurice Stucke (Tennessee) 73
  16. Marc Edelman (Barry) 61 (Sports Law)
  17. Barak Orbach (Arizona) 59 (Regulation)
  18. Christopher Sagers (Cleveland State) 58
  19. Hillary Greene (UConn) 57
  20. Michal Gal (Haifa) 54
  21. Ariel Katz (Toronto) 51 (Intellectual Property)
  22. Robin Cooper Feldman (Hastings) 42 (Health Care)
  23. Mark Bauer (Stetson) 38
  24. Max Huffman (IU - Indianapolis) 23
  25. Wentong Zheng (Bufallo) 17 
  26. Gabe Feldman (Tulane) 16 (Sports Law)

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