Saturday, October 31, 2009

Antitrust community in Latin American: the role of universities

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

Law professor Juan Gutierrez of the University of Javeriana (Colombia) writes in with a request:

I am conducting a research on the Latin American antitrust community as part of the investigation projects of the Competition Law Study Center (CEDEC) at U. Javeriana  in Bogota(actually I will try to submit it of NYU’s call for papers). In particular I am interested in studying how competition law is taught in our region and the impact of Universities in the development of competition law.


For that purpose I am collecting information regarding courses on competition law and policies (and related areas, such as industrial organization and regulation) in Latin America. I published a first draft in the “Boletín Latinoamericano de Competencia” N°26, (titled  “La comunidad académica y la defensa de la libre competencia: Bases para una propuesta en América Latina”) that justifies the research topic and explains the academic proposal.

Therefore, we hope to collect more data with the help of Latin American Universities, professors and practitioners. The information per course that we require is the following:

  •           University’s name.

  •          Geographical location of the University.
  •          School or department that offers the course (law school, economics, management).
  •          Title of the course.
  •          Type of course. Undergraduate (mandatory or optional), Graduate (specialization, masters or Phd) or a short course (seminar, certificate, etc:).
  •          Course length and class hours per week
  •          The teacher’s name and e-mail.
  •          The teacher’s academic experience and studies.
  •          The syllabus (subjects studied during the course) for each course.
  •          Number of students (average or per course)
  •          Since when it has been taught.
  •          Periodicity of the course. (once every two years, once a year, twice a year, monthly, etc).
  •          Additional information. Website, events, publication, concluded researches or on going, etc. 


I cordially invite everyone to send us the information, to the following e-mail addresses:  and

Collected information will be available here. Once the information has been processed, we will get in touch with all those who participated in the research in order to share the results and strengthen the bonds between them.

As some of the readers know, I have a chapter in Latin American Competition Law and Policy that addresses the human dimension of competition policy in Latin American that touches upon some of these issues.  This project by Professor Gutierrez is an important one.  I hope you Latin American readers can help him out.

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