Thursday, June 25, 2009

Competition in Recession

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

The UK Competition Commission has posted materials from its very interesting Competition in Recession: A Members' Roundtable Meeting held at the Competition Commission 30 March 2009.

Programme (pdf, 40kb)

Background paper prepared by the CC economics staff (pdf, 164kb)

Foreword by Peter Freeman, Competition Commission Chairman (pdf, 35kb)

Report (pdf, 56kb)

Competition in Recession: Implications for competition in the wider economy - a few thoughts - Michael Waterson (pdf, 44kb)

Economic Crisis and Competition Policy - Bruce Lyons (pdf, 63kb)

Competition Policy, Bailouts and the Economic Crisis - Bruce Lyons (pdf, 58kb)

Competition in recession: What are the implications for competition in the financial sector? - Alan Gregory (pdf, 111kb)

Implications for the wider economy - Anthony Stern (pdf, 69kb)

Attendance List (pdf, 53kb)

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