Monday, February 25, 2008

Kroes Wall Street Journal Interview and Story

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

What happens when the leading US based financial newspaper and the leading European antitrust regulator sit down?  A number of interesting quotes.

My favorites include:

Whether the EU should consider criminal penalties from cartel operators, as the U.S. does:

It is not in line with most of the member states' cultures.

How she dealt with inheriting the giant Microsoft antitrust cast at the outset of her tenure:

We had a big and intense discussion to continue, yes or no … I was really involved and aware that [we had to make a decision whether to] go on. And I think that in this case it is worthwhile to be quite clear…. Talking about consumers, talking about research, innovation, talking about competition in that field … if we are giving up that, anyhow, the next generation will regret that….

The front page article on Kroes is also worth reading.

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