Thursday, December 6, 2007

Sokol to Join University of Florida Law Faculty as Assitant Professor

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

I am happy to announce that as of this summer I will be joining the wonderful faculty at the University of Florida Levin College of Law as an Assistant Professor.  UF is an excellent school and this move has been very popular in the Sokol household.  There are a number of compelling reasons for this move:

1. Excellent antitrust law colleagues.  Some of the best antitrust law professors in the US are UF faculty members.  First, there is William Page, the Marshall M. Criser Eminent Scholar in Electronic Communications and Administrative Law.  Regular readers will remember that Bill guest blogged about the Court of First Instance Microsoft decision in September.  Bill's recent  book (with John Lopatka)  The Microsoft Case: Antitrust, High Technology, and Consumer Welfare is the best antitrust book of 2007.  Second, UF has Jeff Harrison, the  Stephen C. O'Connell Chair.  Jeff is the author of many books and casebooks on antitrust.  His most recent antitrust article is An Instrumental Approach to Market Power and Antitrust Policy.  Finally, Cliff Jones in the law school's Center for Governmental Responsibility has done some interesting work in comparative and international antitrust.

2.  Excellent antitrust economics colleagues.  Roger Blair of the Warrington College of Business Administration is a great antitrust economist.  In addition to his many antitrust economics publications, Roger serves on the editorial board of the Antitrust Bulletin.  David Sappington also of the of the Warrington College of Business Administration has done some very important work into the implications for antitrust of state owned enterprises, work which has been very influential in my own intellectual development.

3. Demographics.  Florida is the third most populous state and continues to grow.  This ensures a larger legal market for UF grads and a steady stream of highly qualified, smart and motivated students.

4. University characteristics.  The University of Florida is the flagship university of an important state.  This means that the school will always have a steady stream of interesting faculty across departments.  The highly successful university sports teams (particularly in the high profile sports of men's football and basketball) helps to extend the university brand and reputation across the country.

5. Family considerations.  My wife and kids fell in love with Gainesville.  It is a great college town and one in which you can still go swimming outdoors in December.  Additionally, you are a little less than two hours away from Disney World.  Since I have two girls under the age of three, this is a plus factor.  It also turns out that in-state residents of FL get a reduction in price on Disney admissions.

6.  Collegial and smart faculty.  I was very impressed with the UF law faculty on my two visits to the school this year.  This a truly a community of scholars with people who are committed to research and teaching excellence.  The Dean, Bob Jerry, is also great and has both vision and excellent management skills.

Below are pictures of my signing ceremony (I insisted that I needed a signing ceremony just like the athletes) with the very smart, nice and capable Dean of the Law School Bob Jerry

Cimg4400 Cimg4403



The swearing in ceremony (which I also insisted upon) was particularly interesting as I had to promise to uphold the values of the law school and university.  There was a bit less press coverage than a recruiting conference for one of the athletes but then again, I do not generate $100 million in revenue for the university.

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Danny, congrats on landing a position at such a great school!

Posted by: tim zinnecker | Dec 7, 2007 12:27:22 PM

Danny, I also congratulate you on landing a wonderful position at a fine university!

Posted by: Sean Seymore | Dec 26, 2007 7:00:07 AM

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