Sunday, March 11, 2007

Top 10 Most Downloaded Papers for Antitrust Law & Policy

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

The following are the Top 10 most downloaded papers on SSRN from January 10, 2007 to March 11, 2007 in the subject area of Antitrust Law & Policy.

1. The European Commission's 2006 Guidelines on Antitrust Fines: A Legal and Economic Analysis
Wouter P.J. Wils,
European Commission - Directorate General for Legal Service,

2. Antitrust
Louis Kaplow, Carl Shapiro,
Harvard Law School, University of California, Berkeley - Economic Analysis & Policy Group,

3. Economics of the Internet
Nicholas Economides,
New York University, Stern School of Business,

4. Public Vs. Private Enforcement of Antitrust Law: A Survey
Ilya R. Segal, Michael D. Whinston ,
Stanford University, Northwestern University - Department of Economics,

5. Beyond Schumpeter Vs. Arrow: How Antitrust Fosters Innovation
Jonathan B. Baker,
American University - Washington College of Law,

6. Monopolists Without Borders: The Institutional Challenge of International Antitrust in a Global Gilded Age
D. Daniel Sokol,
University of Wisconsin Law School,

7. The Admissibility of Expert Economic Testimony in Antitrust Cases
Gregory J. Werden,
U.S. Department of Justice - Antitrust Division,

8. Rethinking RPM: Did the Courts Have it Right All Along?
Ittai Paldor,
University of Toronto - Faculty of Law,

9. Discovering Cartels: Uncovering Dynamic Interrelationships Between Criminal and Civil Antitrust Investigations
Vivek Ghosal,
Georgia Institute of Technology - School of Economics, and

10. Antitrust Process and Vertical Deference: Judicial Review of State Regulatory Inaction
Jim Rossi,
Florida State University College of Law.

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