Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Publications of Note

The Journal of Corporation Law, published at The University of Iowa College of Law, devotes its Winter 2006 issue to a symposium on The Antitrust Enterprise: Principle and Execution, a recent book by Professor Herbert Hovenkamp.  The symposium issue is a real gem, including articles on exclusionary conduct by Greg Werden, resale requirements and regulated industries by James Speta, predatory conduct by R. Craig Wildfang, Trinko and IP by Michael Carrier, employment law and competition by April Franco and Matthew Mitchell, mandatory access obligations by Randall Picker, standing in foreclosure cases by Roger and Blair and Christine Piette, the modernization project by Stephen Calkins, amnesty ,cartel stability and game theory by Christopher Leslie, Daubert by John l. Solow and Daniel Fletcher, and ex post evaluations and the performance of competition policy authorities by William Kovacic.  The symposium issue leads off with an essay by Herbert Hovenkamp, who ends his piece by concluding: "The basic rule should be nonintervention unless the court is confident that it has identified anticompetitive conduct and can apply an effective remedy."

Also of note:  Lawrence White of the Stern School of Business has an interesting working paper providing historical perspectives and current assessments of horizontal mergers.  The paper is available at http://lsr.nellco.org/nyu/lewp/papers/47/


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