Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Special Issue on UCL Post-Prop 64

Members of the California State Bar Section on Antitrust and Unfair Competition, take note: The Spring/Summer 2005 issue of Competition, the section's journal, focuses on the implications of Prop 64, the initiative passed last November which limited the rights of citizens to sue under California's unfair competition law.  The issue, titled "Will You Still Need Me; Will You Still Plead Me, After Prop 64?,"  contains seven articles that raise such questions as: has Prop 64 federalized unfair competition claims and whether Prop 64 applies to pending cases (the answer seems to be no).   The forward to the issue discusses the activities of the Trevor Law Group, a firm of several recent law grads, who brought countless private actions against Los Angeles area businesses under California's law.

For those who are not members, I could not find a link to the issue.  But here's a link to the journal's website that might provide further information.

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