Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Regulatory Bargaining and Public Law--look for it soon from Cambridge

Professor Jim Rossi of the Florida State University College of Law continues to contribute to the important area of regulation and public law with his new book, Regulatory Bargaining and Public Law, forthcoming from Cambridge University Press.  The book announcement states:

In this book, Professor Rossi explores the implications of a bargaining perspective for institutional governance and public law in deregulated industries, such as electric power and telecommunications. ... Professor Rossi argues that governmental institutions, often influenced by private stakeholders, share blame for the defects in deregulated markets. 

         Among the issues address in this book are consumer service obligations, constitutional takings jurisprudence, the filed rate doctrine, the dormant commerce clause, state action immunity from antitrust enforcement, and federalism disputes.  Professor Rossi’s book warns against a ‘deference trap’ leading courts to passive roles in conflicts involving political institutions, such as regulatory agencies and states. 


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