Friday, December 3, 2004

Plea bargain in criminal antitrust case against Infineon

Today's Wall Street Journal reports on a plea bargain between the DoJ and four Infineon executives in a criminal antitrust case involving a world wide conspiracy to fix the price of memory chips:

"In a further sign that the U.S. is taking a hard line on criminal antitrust cases, four senior Infineon Technologies AG executives agreed to serve prison terms and pay hefty fines for their role in a scheme to fix prices in the computer-memory-chip market, the Department of Justice said. Under their plea agreement, the four agreed to pay $250,000 each and serve prison times between four and six months. The four, all vice presidents, include three Germans, Heinrich Florian, Peter Schaefer and Gunter Hefner, and one American, T. Rudd Corwin.

"The plea agreement is the latest twist in a Justice Department investigation into what officials say was a global conspiracy to fix prices in the $16 billion market for random-access memory chips, which are used in a wide range of products, including personal computers, digital cameras and game consoles. Officials said the probe would continue."

Here's a link to the DoJ press release on the plea bargain deal.

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The DRAM cartel is entangled in numerous actions now. Their casual disregard for rules against collusion is matched by their disregard for intellectual property they don't own -- see
for discussion of the related Rambus case.

Posted by: Scott Maxwell | Dec 6, 2004 12:18:55 PM

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