Monday, November 29, 2004

Publication opportunities--Engage, a publication of the Federalist Society

Engage, The Journal of the Federalist Society's Practice Groups

The Federalist Society is currently accepting submissions for Engage. The following topics are suggested. Please note that this list of topics is meant to be a guide; suggestions for additional submissions are welcome, especially in the areas of Labor and Employment Law, Criminal Law, Environmental Law, and Professional Responsibility/Legal Ethics.

If you have questions or are interested in submitting a piece for possible publication, please contact Katherine Mendis at 202- 822-8138 or Thank you for your kind consideration.

Suggested Topics:

Administrative Law and Regulation:

-The OMB's newly proactive role in issuing prompt letters that suggest regulations to other agencies, coupled with an analysis of the OMB's role in deregulation.

-Precautionary Principle and Risk Management.

-A status report or "report card" on OMB review of proposed regulations under the Bush administration.

Corporations, Securities and Antitrust:

-Regulation of hedge funds, and the corresponding pending proposal under the Investment Advisers act.

-Changes to the regulation of mutual funds.

-Pension/ERISA matters' effect on mergers and other transactions (e.g., the cancellation of several U.K. mergers due to unfunded pension liabilities).

-EU market directives/Financial Services Action Plan (market abuse directive, prospectus directive, etc.).

-Multijurisdictional antitrust enforcement, and whether it effectively allows the most restrictive regime to set the global standard; whether an international, treaty- based antitrust regime is feasible/desirable.

-Corporate "inversions" and offshore reincorporation.

-Comment on effect of changes to dividend taxation.

Environmental Law and Property Rights:

-The Kyoto Protocol. -Issues related to eminent domain.

Financial Services:

-Nonprofit Credit Unions (NCUA recently granted California non-profit C.U. power to compete with banks for broad customer base).

-The evolution of the Federal Reserve under Alan Greenspan.

International and National Security Law:

-Arms Control

voice: 202-822-8138

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