Monday, November 1, 2004

More on VNS and the the Election Pool

Today's Wall Street Journal reports on the revamped Voter News Service that was the subject of yesterday's post. In "Stung by Miscalls in 2000, Networks Gird for Accuracy in '04", Joe Flint & Shilagh Murray report that the former VNS blames the 2000 reporting fiasco, in part, on poor technology and inflexibility in spotting glitches in the county-level election data. One change this year is the separation of functions of the new Election Pool into the collection of actual election results and the conducting of exit polls. Under the current arrangement, Edison Media Research and Mitofsky International are responsible for the eexit polling while Associted Press will now collect county level election data. The article does not directly address the competition concerns raised by Professor Lande in his press release, discussed yesterday.

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