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Rural Practice Digest - Substack


I have started a new Substack that contains the “Rural Practice Digest.”  You can access it at  While I will post other content from time-to-time that is available without a paid subscription, the Digest is for paid subscribers.  The inaugural edition is 22 pages in length and covers a wide array of legal and tax topics of importance to agricultural producers, agribusinesses, rural landowners and those that represent them.


Volume 1, Edition 1 sets the style for future editions - a lead article and then a series of annotations of court opinions, IRS developments and administrative agency regulatory decisions.  The lead article for Volume 1 concerns losses related to cooperatives.  The USDA is projecting that farm income will be down significantly this year.  That means losses will be incurred by some and some of those will involve losses associated with interests in cooperatives.  The treatment of losses on interests in cooperatives is unique and that’s what I focus on in the article.

The remaining 19-pages of the Digest focus on various other aspect of the law that impacts farmers and ranchers. Here’s an overview of the annotation topics that you will find in Volume 1:

  • Chapter 12 Bankruptcy
  • Partnership Election – BBA
  • Valuation Rules and Options
  • S Corporation Losses
  • Nuisance
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • Irrigation Return Flow Exemption and the CWA
  • What is a WOTUS?
  • EPA Regulation Threatens AI
  • Trustee Liability for Taxes
  • Farm Bill
  • Tax Reimbursement Clauses in IDGTs
  • QTIP Marital Trusts and Gift Tax
  • FBAR Penalties
  • Conservation Easements
  • Hobby Losses
  • Sustainable Aviation Fuel
  • IRS Procedures and Announcements
  • Timeliness of Tax Court Petition
  • BBA Election
  • SCOTUS Opinion on Fees to Develop Property
  • Quiet Title Act
  • Animal I.D.
  • “Ag Gag” Update
  • What is a “Misleading” Financing Statement
  • Recent State Court Opinions
  • Upcoming Seminars

Substack Contents

In addition to the Rural Practice Digest, I plan on adding video content, practitioner forms and other content designed to aid those representing agricultural clients in legal and tax matters, and others simply interested in keeping up on what’s happening in the world of agricultural law and taxation.


Thank you in advance for your subscription.  I trust that you will find the Digest to be an aid to your practice.  Your comments are welcome.

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