Saturday, October 1, 2022

E-Mail Subscription Service

This is not really a blog article, but a notice. 

I have heard from numerous readers of my blog articles that they are no longer receiving the email notices when a new article is posted to the blog.  I have determined that the problem is that Feedburner is no longer supported by Google as an RSS/Email subscription service.  The service has been discontinued.  There is no comparable technology platform in the marketplace. This also means that the Law Professor Blog Network can no longer support email publishing of RSS feeds. 

Accordingly, the Law Professor Blog Network has removed the option in the blog menu which offers the email subscription service. However, RSS feeds are still available. As a reader of my Agricultural Law and Taxation blog, you can still use whatever RSS Reader you prefer to subscribe by using an RSS feed.  Recommended RSS feeds are FeedlyNewsBlur, and Inoreader.

For those of you who enjoy receiving my blog articles delivered to your email account each time I add a new article, I regret that the service providing them to your email has been discontinued.  Try using one of the RSS readers mentioned above to still email subscribe to my blog articles.

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