Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Year-End Ag Tax Seminar/Webinar


Next week, on December 12-13 the final KSU Tax Institute will be held live from the Memorial Union at Pittsburg State University.  The two-day event will be simulcast live over the web.  It’s a chance to get more education on the new tax law and pick up on some of the important year-end tax planning opportunities under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA).


The KSU Tax Institutes started in late October and finish up at PSU next week.  During this timeframe, we have continued to get dribs and drabs of additional information from the IRS and the Treasury about certain aspects of the TCJA.  While we don’t have final regulations on the new pass-through business deduction for non-C corporate businesses, the final regulations might be issued by the time of the seminar next week.  If that happens, I would especially encourage you to take part either in the live presentation or the webinar.  I will cover the QBID in detail on Day 2 – December 13.  I will go through many examples and show the practical application of how the deduction works and the best way to structure the business to best take advantage of the new provision.  As a web participant, you will be able to interact and have your questions heard and answered. 

While the seminar is not exclusively (or even primarily) devoted to ag-related tax issues, I will spend a good deal of time on Day 2 addressing planning concepts for farmers and ranchers as well as other small businesses. 


You can register for next week’s seminar/webinar here:  https://www.agmanager.info/events/kansas-income-tax-institute


If you are looking to fulfill an ethics requirement.  I will be offering a 2-hour ethics session along with Prof. Lori McMillan, my tax colleague at Washburn Law school.  The event will be the afternoon of Dec. 14 live from the law school in Topeka and will also be simulcast over the web.  You can register for the ethics session here:  http://washburnlaw.edu/employers/cle/taxethicsregister.html



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