Friday, May 11, 2018

Ag Law and Tax Seminar Season


I just finished up a week on the road with seminars on various ag law and tax topics.  Next week is another one with a national tax webinar on Monday, and then an estate planning event for practitioners on Wednesday in Illinois and then the Iowa Bar Spring Tax Institute on Friday in Des Moines.  The following week finds me in Indianapolis for an all-day ag tax seminar.  This will be a busy year with discussions concerning the new tax law and it's impact on clients.  Many of the more significant events are posted on  There you will find a list of upcoming CPE events.

Summer Seminar in Pennsylvania

For numerous years, I have conducted a summer event or events in choice spots across the country.  They provide a great place for practitioners to attend and bring the family and get some high-quality ag tax and estate planning CPE.  This summer's event will be in Shippensburg, PA on June 7-8.  The Gettysburg National Military Park is nearby and the ag areas of Lancaster County are also not that far away.  Also within reasonable distance are Philadelphia and D.C.  It's a beautiful part of the country.

You can find information on the PA seminar at:   It's also webcast, so if you can't attend in person, you can still participate on line.  It will be interactive so that you can ask questions and here and see the audience and the speakers.   On-site seating is limited, so early registration is recommended.  


I hope to see you at an event this summer or fall.  Digging through the new tax law and then contemplating its application to client situations is a significant focus of these events.  Clients are asking questions and it would be nice if the IRS/Treasury would issue guidance sooner rather than later.  We shall see.

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