Monday, July 11, 2016

GOP Platform Debate About Gay Adoption

The Hill reports:

[Annie] Dickerson fumed as her socially liberal proposals went down and the socially conservative measures she opposed sailed through the subcommittee. 

At one point, Dickerson, who has adopted children, accused others on the committee of “blatant discrimination” over an amendment that would keep publicly funded adoption agencies from giving custody of children to gay couples.

“We need children to be adopted, so hooray to the gay community for trying to raise children in a happy and stable home,” Dickerson said. “I object to allowing patent discrimination against gays over the right to adopt. … This is blatant discrimination and should not be in our platform.”

Dickerson lost that battle and essentially every other battle she waged. At times she stared down [Tony] Perkins and expressed exasperation after votes went against her.

“Unbelievable,” she said after the adoption measure passed.

Of course, the platform won't be final until the GOP Convention.

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