Sunday, March 3, 2024

ASP Faculty Scholarships from AccessLex/AASE

AccessLex and AASE are pleased to announce that we will be awarding five ASP Faculty Scholarship Grants again this year. These grants of up to $5000 are money in your pocket to help you write a law review article. The grants are designed to support fledgling scholars and help our discipline develop a robust body of literature.

The application is reasonably short, and will ask you the following questions (along with some basic administrative stuff):

  • Title of your proposed article
  • Abstract or summary of the article: What will your article explain, and what will your unique argument/assertion/thesis be? Recommended length: 250-500 words
  • How will your proposed project engage with the existing scholarship in this area? Recommended length: 100-250 words
  • How will receipt of this grant advance your professional development or status? Recommended length: 100-250 words
  • Have you published law review articles or other publications before? If so, please provide the citation(s)
  • Do you receive support for research and writing at your institution in the form of research assistants, funding, reduced course load, or other forms of support? If yes, please explain

Applications are due April 22.

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