Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Academic and Bar Support Scholarship Spotlight

This week in A&BSP scholarship:

1.  Flanagan, Rebecca C. (UMass), Open Books, Better Skills: an Argument for Limited Open Book Exams (SSRN, September 1, 2023).

From the abstract:

Law schools have embraced closed book exams as one response to falling bar pass rates. But due to lack of student expertise in learning and study skills, students focus on memorization as the key to success on closed-book exams. A focus on memorization allows students to avoid building higher-order thinking skills, skills that must be built over time, skills that are essential to success on the bar exam and in practice. By choosing limited open book exams, law professors and law schools minimize the student focus on memorization, and recenter student learning and study on techniques that produce durable learning and proficiency in higher-order thinking skills necessary for success on the bar exam

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