Thursday, May 25, 2023

2023 AASE Best of the Best

This morning at the AASE Conference business meeting, we were lucky to honor a number of our colleagues for their outstanding contributions to the profession this year. Here are the 2023 Award winners:

ASP Innovator Award, Tania Shah, Director of the Academic Success Department at Western State College of Law and Westcliff University in Irvine, California:  Tania is an author, an entrepreneur, and a champion of lost middle students. Upon receiving the award, Tania thanked her mentors and said, “In 2020 I got stuck in CA and applied for a visiting job. Thanks to mentors, and my team...I didn’t think 3 years ago this would be happening." Three years later she has grown and directed her program. Congratulations Tania!

AASE Inspiration Award, Steven Foster, Director of Academic Achievement at Oklahoma City University School of Law: Steven is not only the editor of this blog (who, I will note decidedly did not write this entry), but he is also the embodiment of Academic Support and has been for the past 14 years at OCU. Upon receiving his award, he said, "Thank you all for the award, it is all of us, all of you that provide inspiration for students and each other. It matters for us and our schools.” Thank you Steven!

Student Support Award, Stephanie Desiato, Associate Director of Academic Success, Director of Student Services, Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University: Stephanie has devoted her career to guiding and supporting students in multiple settings. She is a collaborative and caring colleague. In accepting her award, she told us, “Thank you to all. My parents were teachers, being an educator is in my blood. It takes a special type of person to do what we do.” Amazing Stephanie!

Guiding Light Award, Laura Mott, Director, Academic Skills for 1L Evening Program, CUNY School of Law: Laura literally lights the way during the evening hours for her students. She told us, “This is an incredible honor.. I share this award with each of you in this room and I have been lifted up and guided by everyone in this room. This is more than just teaching. As ASP educators we are in tricky situations, AASE is a connective tissue that lifts us. When I come here, it is home. We share love.” Shine on Laura!

Outstanding Debut Award, Iris Fugate, Director of Bar Performance & Assessment, Professor of Practice, Golden Gate University School of Law: Iris' work lives at the intersection of students and data. She has been using data to make a difference in her short time in the academic support realm. Accepting on Zoom, Iris told us, “I am so so honored to be recognized by this group of people. I feel like I arrived 5 minutes ago, but it has been the best five minutes. You do this work by loving each and every one of your students as individuals.” Welcome Iris, we are so glad you are here!

Institutional Leadership Award, Tommy Sangchompuphen, Associate Dean for Student Learning, Associate Professor, Lincoln Memorial University Duncan School of Law : Tommy has developed LMU's extremely successful bar and ASP programs. Look for him on the road with his BarExm license plate. Congratulations Tommy!

2023 Hosts with the Most Award: Santa Clara University School of Law: our hosts this year greeted us with open arms and took care of every little detail to make this conference a success. The warmth we felt being with you was coming from inside the building. Thank you so very much to SCU's amazing Liza-Jane Capatos, Devin Kinyon, and the amazing students who were there to kindly help us out.  You were awesome!

(Liz Stillman)

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