Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Celebrate AASE, and each other, in Santa Clara!

I hope everyone is well aware that next month we will be coming together, as a community, in lovely Santa Clara, CA!

The deadline for IN PERSON REGISTRATION is May 8th. Please go here to register.

Some conference highlights:

Newbie Conference: Monday we will be holding the "Newbie Conference", featuring presentations from Paula Manning, Jamie Kleppetsch, Rebecca Flanagan, Kris Franklin, Shane Dizon, and Steven Foster! If you are new to academic support you won't want to miss these presentations! Plus, it's a great way to meet other academic support professionals.

Bar Panels: Our first plenary is on Shaping the Bar: The Future of Attorney Licensing, with Joan Howarth. If you haven't come across her new book, I suggest you pick it up now! 


On Wednesday, we also have a panel with representatives from the NCBE. We bring questions, and the NCBE has committed to answering our questions. The session will be moderated by AASE President, Ashley London and Bar Advocacy Chair, Marsha Griggs. These are sessions that are definitely not to be missed!



You can see the entire conference schedule here

And don't forget there is fun to be had! Tuesday afternoon we'll have a reception immediately after sessions end so that people can mingle and catch up, picture of location below! 

Santa clara

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