Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Call for AASE Award Nominations!

AASE provides awards to acknowledge excellence in the academic support field at the annual conference.  Click here to see the history of the awards, beginning with the 5th Conference in 2017.

AASE developed the following recommendations for the Award Committee:

  • AASE should recognize members’ valuable contributions to law school academic support
  • AASE awards should have as an important objective the recognition of early and mid-career ASP professors
  • AASE Awards should be for specific work or in specific categories
  • The goal of AASE awards should be honoring contributions, not covering categories

The 2023 Awards committee, Melissa Hale (Chair), Megan Kreminski, and Ashley London, are soliciting nominations for contributions by individuals, or in appropriate circumstances, groups, in any of the following areas:

  1. Specific ideas or innovations—whether disseminated through academic writing, newsletters, conference presentations or over the listserv
  2. Specific services to the profession—e.g., advocacy with the NCBE, etc.
  3. Providing services to students
  4. Promoting diversity in  the profession and expanding access to the legal profession
  5. Mentoring and supporting others in ASP

Recognition may be given to more than one individual or group in any of these categories, and no category requires an award in any one year.. We fully recognize just how many ASP educators have made heroic contributions to their students and to the profession.. For these reasons, the Awards Committee will consider all nominations received, while keeping in mind there must be a reasonable limit for awards in any one year.. Anyone in law school academic support may offer nominations, but current AASE Board members and AASE Awards Committee members are ineligible for recognition. Awards recipients must be members of AASE at the time an award is bestowed. 

Please send your nominations to Melissa Hale at [email protected], by April 3rd, 2023.

Thank you,

AASE Awards Committee 2023

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