Thursday, February 9, 2023

Grace, flexibility, and accountability

I've recently experienced that sense of wasted opportunity and loss that comes from learning way too late that a student missed an assignment for a reason that would have warranted an extension to make it up, if only the student had let me know what was going on. The pedagogical moment has passed, and accepting the make-up work for points does not really make sense. Shortly after, I received Inside Higher Ed in my morning inbox, with a relevant opinion piece, Balancing Self-Care With Accountabilityby Betty-Shannon Prevatt and Pamela Norcross.

Not everything in the piece is strictly applicable to law school academic support, but the general concepts spoke to me. In particular I was struck by, "Faculty members can help students by reinforcing the ideas that grace and flexibility are often the by-products of good communication and early effort." A concept so simple, so easy to reinforce in class, and with so much potential to serve our students.


(Lisa DeLaTorre)

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