Sunday, January 22, 2023

Quick Emergence of AI

The last couple weeks have been enlightening, and caused me to feel older than I should feel.  I grew up as technology boomed, and I have multiple family members in the computer industry.  All that said, I did not pay enough attention to AI before the past couple weeks.  ChatGPT bombarded multiple academic listservs.  As I read the thread on the ASP listserv, our Associate Dean discussed the issue with our faculty from the thread on her listserv.  For me, it feels like the technology evolved almost overnight.  It went from unknown to a sensation that nearly passed the bar exam.  

I am frightened by the impact this could bring from conduct code issues to bot lawyering.  However, I think at least one positive might come from this endeavor for my students.  We will most likely stop giving any take home exams.  Yes, I know take home exams provide unique educational benefits that helps with lawyering, but I try to find every opportunity to help my students with timed, closed-book style exams (the bar).  I worry about the big picture impacts, but I find some solace in students preparing more for the bar.

Here are a few articles I saw this week:

Tip of the day: How to use ChatGPT to figure out if a text was written by ChatGPT

AI Generation (also a collection of articles)

ChatGPT takes the Bar Exam


(Steven Foster)

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