Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Academic and Bar Support Scholarship Spotlight

This week's installment of the Academic and Bar Support Spotlight gives us this:

Jane B. Grise, Grise's Critical Reading for Success in Law School and Beyond (with video) (West Academic, 2nd ed. 2022).

From the publisher's description:

Reading cases and statutes is challenging for students and attorneys. However, everybody can learn critical reading strategies and become effective legal readers and advocates. Critical Reading for Success in Law School and Beyond identifies the reading strategies used by expert legal readers and presents the strategies in a systematic sequence. Critical Reading is written in an easy to read style with lots of examples. Readers will learn:

    • the purpose for reading cases,
    • how to read with focus,
    • case structure and important civil and criminal procedure terms,
    • techniques for understanding complex text,
    • strategies for identifying the parts of a case,
    • how to brief a case,
    • legal analysis skills such as analogical reasoning and case synthesis, and
    • strategies for reading statutes.

The second edition adds chapters that address reading on screens and techniques for reading bar prep materials. The second edition also has a seventeen part video series with PowerPoint slides. Each video introduces a reading strategy, provides helpful tips, includes a short student exercise, and gives students the opportunity to self-assess their proficiency.

Critical Reading can be used in law school pre-orientation and orientation programs, academic success courses, bar prep courses, and legal writing and doctrinal classes. It is also useful for legal readers who want to improve their reading efficiency and effectiveness.

[Posted by Louis Schulze, FIU Law]


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