Friday, September 9, 2022

Assistant Director of Academic Success at Chicago Kent

Chicago-Kent is looking to hire an Assistant Director of Academic Success.  You can find the job description online here:
Reporting to the Director of Academic and Bar Success, and working with other student affairs personnel, the Assistant Director will be responsible for implementing the law school’s academic success program, including working closely with faculty and administration to maximize student learning and achievement in law school and on the bar exam. The Assistant Director supports the Academic and Bar success department to train law students for the rigor of law school, the bar exam and practice through academic workshops and individual advising. The Assistant Director will develop, enhance, and implement academic support programming; work with other student affairs personnel to provide academic counseling throughout law school; and present workshops related to academic and law-specific skill development (as needed). Additionally, the Assistant Director will support the academic needs of students in the Legal Writing program.

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