Saturday, September 3, 2022

Alarming Information on Challenging Students

If you talk to older faculty members, you will inevitably hear about "kids nowadays".  Their inability to read or write complete sentences.  I don't agree with that sentiment.  However, a recent article in Education Weekly indicates the pandemic may have exacerbated problems with some populations access to challenging assignments.  Over the past few years, kids may not have been challenged as much as before, so their skills may be lagging behind.  I believe that may have happened in law school classrooms as well.  The expectations changed to merely survive under the circumstances.  That approach was warranted, but we need to now increase expectations in a way that stays within desirable difficulties while improving student performance.  I find that balance difficult.  Looking to other areas of education may help in that process.  

Good luck to everyone in the new year.

Here is the link to the Education Weekly article:

(Steven Foster)

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