Thursday, August 25, 2022

A Short Series of Guest Blogs - The Manifold Ways of Reaching Students

Over the course of the next several months, several guest bloggers will survey a handful of ASP programs to consider the myriad ways that law schools invest in and promote the success of their students.  The impetus behind this series took shape at last year's AALS conference in which several people served on a panel discussing ASP programming.  

We start with Prof. Charles Calleros (ASU), who has most recently lead the effort to expand ASU's ASP programs. Biography.  Then, over the next weeks, we will consider other programs.  Personally, I am very excited about this series because it gives me an opportunity to look beyond my horizons to consider what I might learn from others in relationship to colleagues around the country.  

The purpose of this series is not to highlight programs but rather to help us as a community consider the manifold unique perspectives that we in ASP use in reaching our students.  Just like there is no right way to travel between Denver and San Francisco (train, bus, car, bike, walk, or even hike to the Colorado River, float down the river to the Gulf of California, and then boat around the peninsula to the Pacific Ocean to travel along the California coastline), we can learn much from the adventurous travels of others about how we reach our students as a community.  And, as one who recently hitchhiked last week (twice) in the San Juan mountains, I learned so much from meeting others who were willing to share their "rides" with me.  So we begin.  

(Scott Johns).

- Investing in Academic Support - Diverse Perspectives (Charles Calleros)

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