Thursday, June 30, 2022

No isn't No Until You Ask - And It Might Even Be a Big Yes!

I bumped into an article today suggesting that there's no time better than the present for asking for a pay raise.  That especially seemed to hit hard when I slid by Wendy's tonight for a $12.96 combo on my way home. Ouch.

In the article, if I recall correctly, the author indicated that too often we don't give our employers the opportunity to say "no" because we say "no" by not even asking for a raise. Inflation Devouring Your Pay Check: How to Ask for a Raise (Jun. 29, 2022).

As I read that, I wonder if that might also be true for many of us with respect to our programs and resources in academic support.   We don't ask so we don't give our administration, faculty, alumni, and the community a chance to partner up with us.  

So, as you reflect on how you might improve your program for next fall, take some time to think about whether it might be time to ask for what you really need, or to put it more accurately, what your students really deserve.  After all, they are counting on us, all of us, and that includes the entire law school community.  (Scott Johns).

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