Thursday, January 20, 2022

Swallowed Up

I have a confession.  I realized today that I've spent most of the day letting the little things swallow up my day such that I let the big things lay waste.  I suspect that many students share similar experiences.  

Why is it that I lose such focus?  That email prompts capture my immediate attention?  That I can't seem to prioritize the important from the mundane?

Part of it has to do with me. I'm impulsive.  The other reason is that I haven't reminded myself of who I am and what I am supposed to do.

As one of my old Sunday school teachers used to say, don't read good books. Only read great books because if you waste your time on the good then the great never gets done.  

So I am writing to encourage us, me and you, to say no.  To take control over our time.  To prioritize the great.  To remember our purposes as we choose the activities of importance.  It's okay to let things go. But the things that we let go should be because we have chosen - wisely - to let them go rather than because, as happened to me today, I just let the day control me rather than me controlling the day.

Be of good cheer.  Tomorrow is almost here and by the time you read this tomorrow will be here.  Then, you might try what I try to do prior to every class. I remind myself of the there things that I hope my students will learn together with me because of our experience in the classroom.  That's a good day, a mighty fine day.  (Scott Johns).

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