Sunday, November 7, 2021

Semester Nearing an End, so Exhaustion is Increasing

The end of the semester is near.  Many of us are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.  The meetings, classes, feedback, and other help we provide pushes us to our limits each semester.  I want everyone in ASP and law schools in general to know, you are not alone.  That feeling is normal.  2 of the top 7 articles from Education Week last week related to teacher exhaustion and the need for mental health resources for teachers.  I agree and believe the same is true for ASP.  We see colleagues every year go back into law practice or take jobs at commercial education companies (bar review, etc.).  As we continue to promote mental health awareness for students, we should consider how we can promote similar programs for each other.  

I especially like the program discussed in the second article.  A school district provided mental health services for teachers because they thought teacher well being would help them serve students.  Of the teachers responding to a survey after the program, 100 percent said the services improved both their own and their students' well-being.  Law schools should consider this approach.  The two articles from last week are linked below. 

What Teaches Who Might Quit Are Really Thinking

Teachers Need Therapy

I hope everyone's semester ends well and you get the break you need.

(Steven Foster)

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