Sunday, October 31, 2021

New Perspectives

Raise your hand if you told your child to do something, they ignored you, and then 2 days later they thought someone else was brilliant for telling them the same thing (go ahead, raising your hand can be therapeutic).  Raise your hand if you provided a piece of advice to a law student, they didn't fully buy in, and then they "discovered" the same piece of advice later that semester from someone else. 

Most of us probably don't have another hand to hold up, so I will stop there.  I don't think ignoring our advice is malicious or failing to trust the speaker.  Sometimes, people need more persuasion to make changes.  Sometimes, a different way of conveying the same information helps people.  Either way, new or different perspectives help.

New or different perspectives help ASPers as well.  The regional ASP conferences are starting with registrations and calls for proposals.  I encourage everyone to think of a proposal and submit at least 1 this year.  You are doing amazing things in the classroom and individually with students.  Share that with the rest of us.  I understand many people worry they aren't doing unique things.  First, don't sell yourself short because you are creating unique experiences for students.  Also,  you may be able to provide a perspective others haven't seen or explain a different way to teach something that would help others.  Our community continually improves as we share ideas, activities, perspectives, and challenges together.  You can help contribute to that progress.  

We tell our students to stretch beyond their comfort zone.  I encourage many in ASP to stretch as well.  It will help you and many of us improve student experiences.

(Steven Foster)

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