Sunday, September 12, 2021

Take Time to Fully Heal

The sun was beating down on us, but that wouldn't stop the intensity.  We weren't keeping an official score, but every possession matters in driveway basketball.  However long the game lasts, you don't let up on defense.  I didn't care that I was playing against an opponent 29 years younger and 19 inches shorter.  My son would not get his shot off.  I was in great defensive posture and moving my feet.  Any little league coach would be proud of my defense.  I was step for step with him when I feel a pop.  I crumple on the asphalt and scream in agony.  I am in some of the most pain I have ever felt.  

My sports experience is similar to events that happen to all of us.  Bar results are coming out, and some people don't pass.  That is excruciating.  Some students aren't allowed to continue with law school.  Academic Support Professionals will work with someone and they don't succeed.  Most students get a bad grade.  That list is the tip of the iceberg.  Many of us have events in our personal life that are painful.  My biggest suggestion is to learn from my mistakes and fully heal from the experience.

After getting help back inside with almost no weight on my ankle, here is what I did:

  1. Used WebMD to self-diagnosis a grade 2 sprain instead of going to the doctor
  2. Lightly rested it, and then played golf 3 days later
  3.  Ice it some but not enough
  4. Continue to overuse it, ie - caddying 18 holes (for the son who caused the injury) prior to fully healing

My actions are not what I tell my students or my friends.  I would tell anyone to take the time to fully heal from whatever pains you.  Go to someone for advice.  If it is a bad grade or not passing the bar exam, seek out your Academic Support Professional.  As an ASPer, if you are struggling, seek out colleagues.  We all need help sometimes.  WebMd is a poor substitute for medical advice.  Don't make the same mistakes I did with what you are going through.  Seek help from others and take the time to fully heal before putting full weight onto the next event.

In case you are wondering, he still didn't score.

(Steven Foster)

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Terrific analogy Steven! Hope the ankle is better.

Posted by: Marsha Griggs | Sep 13, 2021 2:10:05 AM

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