Thursday, September 30, 2021

Making Connections - No Islands

Someone once said, "no one is an island," or something like that.  

But, I fear, many of our students live island experiences.  In some ways, we all fear vulnerability.  We are all, often times, afraid to ask for help or counsel. However, as has become especially acute in midst of this ongoing pandemic, we truly weren't meant to live alone but rather in community with others.  

So, in follow-up to Prof. Steven Foster's post on "Making Connections," providing practical ways to bridge the oft-experienced gap between academic support professionals and faculty-at-large, Professor Charles Calleros offers the following well-aimed advice to help us better connect to our most struggling students while there's still plenty of time to make a difference.

I quote:

"One way to foster connection with 1L faculty: Ask Legal Writing faculty in late September whether any of their students look like they are headed for a D (or worse) based on preliminary writing assignments. By mid-October, ask faculty in casebook courses whether any midterm exams look like total disasters. If my experience is any indication, many of them will be grateful for the query and eager to identify students who could use some ASP assistance....I also like...[the] idea of connecting with students in a way that allows them to show that their identities and accomplishments are not limited to their not-yet-impressive success in law school." - C. Calleros, Prof. of Law, Arizona State University.

Great suggestions from both!  

So, for you law students, be brave. Reach out to your faculty or your ASP or student services teams with any questions or concerns that you might have or to just talk about life, together.  And, for those of you in ASP, the two professors remind us that we work as a team, to proactively reach out to those I serve with, and to make connections with both our colleagues and students.

It might just be the "cure that the doctor ordered," for all of us, in community with and for each other. After all, we're in this together. (Scott Johns).















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