Saturday, August 28, 2021

Director of Academic Support at McGeorge

Dean Michael Hunter Schwartz invites you to apply to serve as McGeorge’s next Director of Academic Support.  The Director enjoys faculty status and will hold the title of Professor of Law, Legal Practice, with a rank of assistant, associate, or full professor, commensurate with experience-- and with voting rights (on everything but promotion and tenure for tenure line faculty), faculty governance responsibilities, and sabbatical opportunities. Although not a tenure-track position, the position is designed to lead to a long-term contract that culminates, after five years of meeting standards in terms of teaching, service, and professional development activities, in an indefinite contract with no term limits and with job security similar to a tenured position.

The Director will not have any responsibility for bar pass programming and will get to teach one or more non-academic support courses.  Email Dean Schwartz for more information.

Click here for the official posting.

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