Sunday, June 13, 2021

Gradual Improvement

This is the time in bar prep when everyone emails me that their MBE scores are too low, and they aren't seeing enough improvement.  I completely understand the feeling.  In my early ASP days, I tried to create small gradual goals for all my students after a diagnostic test.  The problem was no one followed the gradual improvement track because that isn't how improvement works.  I love the image posted below.  I saw it on facebook a while ago and found it again in google images.

Decoding GEnius : An HR Sojourn At GE Digital - InsideIIM

Don't fret if you aren't seeing the improvement you want.  Questions get harder as you go.  Bar prep companies test different subtopics, so you probably did learn something from the last set of questions.  The next set was on something different.  Improvement happens in the end.  You may not see it fast enough, but you are learning.  Keep up the good work.

(Steven Foster)

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