Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Academic and Bar Support Scholarship Spotlight II

With apologies for a second post today, the following just came to my attention: 

AccessLex Institute,  Analyzing First-Time Bar Exam Passage on the UBE in New York State.  

From the Executive Summary:  

This report is the culmination of three years of work to collect, analyze, summarize, and interpret data on the experiences and outcomes of first-time and second-time New York State Bar candidates.... 

[The Executive Summary then lists six findings]:

1.  “The key ingredient to first- and second-time bar passage is extensive time dedicated to bar exam preparation.” 

2.    "The quality of time spent on bar preparation is equally paramount to the amount of time spent studying for the exam."  [Importantly, the report noted that this includes working on weak areas instead of blindly re-studying all material just to keep up with a bar company schedule.  In other words, metacognition and self-regulated learning were important.]

3.  "[In-exam] time-management is a key bar passage strategy.  Running out of time on multiple-choice and essay items negatively impacts bar exam performance for first- and second-time takers."

4.  Positive law school experiences can have a lasting influence on candidates, possibly improving their bar exam performance.

5.  "Completing courses in bar-tested subjects was not strongly associated with first-time or second-time bar passage."  [But the study found that taking Evidence and Business Organizations was positively correlated with bar passage.]

6.  "Managing non-academic factors such as debt, unemployment, mindset, and significant life events is a critical aspect of bar exam preparation."

(Louis Schulze, FIU Law)




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