Sunday, January 24, 2021

Rounding the Turn for the February Bar!!!

As I prepared the emails I send to my students this week, I realized there are only 4 weeks of studying left.  This bar season seems to be flying by.  For all of you taking the bar, I copied a version of the email encouragement I send to my students around this time.  You have been through unprecedented times, and you only have a few weeks left.  Keep up the good work.


"Congratulate Yourself Because You Have Made it a Long Way!!!

The Marathon is Nearing the End.  You Only Have . . .


You made it a long way.  Bar Review is a marathon, but you are closing in on the finish line.  You only have a little longer in the class, and then you self-study the last few weeks.  If you haven’t already, this is definitely the time to eliminate distractions and focus on bar review. 

Many of you are now getting nervous about your MBE scores and what you will do on the essays, and YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!  The vast majority of bar examinees are getting nervous at this point.  Use your fellow classmates as support through this process.  Contact us at the law school if you need help.  This is a hard process, made even harder by your class’ circumstances.  However, we are here for you in any way we can.

. . . (OCU specific info)

You can still improve your MBE score during the last few weeks of bar review by spending a few extra minutes at night studying small sub-topics you are struggling with (ie – hearsay, negligence, etc.)  You will learn more law, which will improve your MBE scores.

Lastly, complete your practice essay exams and send them in for feedback.  You are approaching the last leg of the race, it is time to turn on another gear.  Prepare to Conquer the Bar!!!  Remember, You Have the Knowledge, Skills, and Ability to Pass the Bar!!"

(Steven Foster)

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