Thursday, October 22, 2020

Lights, Camera, Action?

I'm terrible at following instructions.  We just got a handful of solar-powered lights, helpfully advertised as "some assembly required."  Well, I'm not a machinist.  But I wasn't about to admit that and then read the instructions.  So, I just laid all the parts across a table and started tinkering away.  I'll leave you in the "dark" about how it went.  But let me just say that there's a reason for instructions.

Which brings me back to this article, written by law professor Glenn Harlan Reynolds, providing step-by-step instructions (with photos too!) on how to build an "inexpensive" studio classroom with three cameras, some sort of push-button contraption to direct the filming, and even a low cost teleprompter for remembering your lines as you teach online.   G.H. Reynolds, Tired of Looking Boring (Sep 29, 2020).     Frankly, I was appalled about the cost - between $1700 and $1800.  But, it did seem to bring the action back to online teaching.  And, truth be told, I found the instructions for making an on-the-fly studio, well, instructional.

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