Thursday, October 8, 2020

Hidden in Plain Sight - "The Link Between Well-Being and Inclusion"

Hot off the press, here's a must-read article from former professor and ASP colleague Patty Powell entitled:  "The Link between Well-Being and Inclusion," published in the Colorado Lawyer (June 2020):   

In the article, Prof. Powell explores a "hidden link" to explain why lawyers tend to have the highest rates - among all professions - of substance abuse and mental health distress while, at the same time, the legal profession - of all professions - "sits at the bottom in terms of diversity and inclusion." Id. 

At its foundation, the article calls on leaders (that's us!) to proactively create spaces for all to participate authentically as valuable belonging community members and Professor Powell points us to research for possible steps that we can immediately take to promote well-being and inclusion.

(Scott Johns).

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