Thursday, April 9, 2020

A Lesson In Social Distancing

I've been trying to be good, really good at social distancing...especially with take-out drinks, particularly because I love ice tea in the morning.  

I keep my distance from everyone, I wash my hands twice, once on entry and once on leaving, and I use my coat sleeves to open and close doors, etc.  

A few weeks back, I thought I had "social distancing" down pat.  I was a practiced expert, or so it seemed.  Indeed, my run for take-out ice tea that morning was perfect.  In fact, as is often the case, I don't notice any customers in the cafe that morning, and, after washing my hands twice, I rushed out of the restaurant to my car, ice tea in hand.  That's when things got a little strange.  

You see, I was in such a rush that I jumped into the driver's seat of the first white car I saw.  Unfortunately, it wasn't my car.  It was the car parked next to me.  And, there was a passenger in the front side seat too. Wow was that strange! And embarrassing.  

More than three weeks have now passed, and I can start to laugh about it because I haven't been sick (so I didn't get that person sick either).  But I learned an important lesson.  Pay attention to details.  And, here's a lesson for you too.  Lock your doors because you never know who might be parked next to could be me!  

Note: I'm not a fan of the phrase social distancing. I prefer physical distancing because I think - as a fellow human being - I owe everyone I see a friendly smile or at least an acknowledgment.  Life is too short to not share it with others.  

As such, distance doesn't have to be distant, not at all.  So, as you keep your spacing away from others, let your hearts fill the gap.  That's a great way to brighten the days of all you pass.  

(Scott Johns)

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