Sunday, March 29, 2020

Thoughts for Students Now Learning Online

I know the transition to online learning is tough.  The obstacles are different for each person, and the online format is more difficult to engage.  My advice to all students relies on 2 major themes, planning and engagement.  Planning is similar to the advice I give throughout the year, but planning for online learning is a little more difficult especially with additional responsibilities for many law students.  Evaluating whether the plan works and what adjustments to make is critical.  Engagement focuses on doing specific actions to ensure you are engaged in every lecture.

Planning and engagement come in many forms.  Numerous sources of information flooded the market lately.  Use the advice that will help you plan and engage.  The 2 articles I liked recently are The National Jurist's Coronavirus Survival Guide and The Law School Playbook's 30 Day Challenge.  Don't try to dramatically change how you study.  Pick a couple tips that will improve your planning and engagement.

Don't try every resource you find.  Find what works for you, and give the last month of class your best effort.  Everyone knows this is a difficult time.  All you can do is put in your best effort.  Everyone's best right now will be different based on circumstances, so focus on doing what you can in your circumstances to succeed.

(Steven Foster)

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