Friday, March 6, 2020

Mobilizing Passion

The best laid plans are mere dreams without actions.  Recent research emphasizes the component of success.  Raul Ruiz's article noted that Dr. Duckworth and others admit that passion is not as valuable as perseverance for grit.  I understand the sentiment and tend to agree that perseverance is more important than passion.  However, I do think passion can help someone persevere.  The data may not show a correlation, but I talk to 1Ls and bar students about why they chose to attend law school.  The reasons can, and should, provide the foundation for continued perseverance.  While thinking about this topic, I saw an article this week on Success Insider about turning passion into execution.  I encourage everyone to read and pass along the 15 tips in the article to get students to persevere and complete more work in law school and during bar preparation.

You can access the article here.

(Steven Foster)

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