Friday, January 24, 2020

Student Feelings of Social Media

Social Media icons created an artificial environment to bring people together.  We can connect with high school friends across the country, and families can post pictures for far away relatives.  The connections can keep everyone updated and feeling connected.  However, our attempts for connection may have gone too far.  

Current middle and high school students understand social media better than many people much older.  Common Sense Media and Kahoot! conducted a recent survey of over 400,000 middle and high school students.  56% of those surveyed believe social media is tearing us apart instead of bringing us together.  Some could argue adolescence amplifies the discord of social media, and while that is plausible, law students have similar tendencies.  Every semester includes a social media debacle at my school, and I am sure the same occurs across the country.  I see discord regularly within our students.

Also included in the findings:

-31 percent said it was okay to share something on social media, even if it's not true, if it is funny and you like what it says.

-80 percent believe some people spend too much time making the posts perfect to impress others.

Younger students recognize the problems with social media.  Their recognition may be able to change how people use social media in the future.  You can read the short article on the findings at Education Week here.

(Steven Foster)

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