Friday, November 29, 2019

Thankful for You

After reading Scott's post yesterday, I felt convicted for not expressing my gratitude for my professional colleagues and students that put me in the position I am in today.  

With that in mind, I first want to thank everyone in the ASP community.  I can't name all of you in one post that have impacted my teaching in various ways.  From sitting next to veterans at LSAC workshops early in my career to reading discussions on the listserv and blog, I have learned from all of you.  Never underestimate the value of a response on the listserv.  I integrated numerous ideas from those discussions.  Casual discussions at meals helped my students pass the bar exam.  As a community, all of you have helped more than your own students.  I am thankful for this community.

I am thankful for my faculty and administration.  I have felt unwavering support through both the great years and the struggles.  I am able to support my students every day because they have supported me.  

Finally, I am especially thankful for my students, all of them.  The ones who work the hardest and the ones that needed help being motivated.  I learned, laughed, and interacted with tons of students.  They all brought different perspectives which I enjoyed.  Joy and accomplishment on students' faces make ASP work tons of fun.  

I agree with Scott.  Thanksgiving is a good day to be thankful, but we should have consistent gratitude.  It may be hard with our busy schedules, but I hope to follow his lead of giving thanks regularly.  Hope everyone enjoys the short break.

(Steven Foster)

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