Sunday, October 13, 2019

Professor of Practice in the Office of Academic Success and Bar Readiness at UNT Dallas College of Law

UNT Dallas College of Law is hiring a Professor of Practice for the Office of Academic Success and Bar Readiness.

The role includes: teaching and assisting in the development of academic success and bar readiness related courses and workshops; providing individual academic support and bar readiness counseling to students in all stages of their studies, including those struggling academically and those preparing for the bar exam; serving as an individual support to bar takers, monitoring the progress of bar takers, and providing the encouragement and empathy necessary to contribute to successful bar exam passage; and assisting in the collection, analysis, and interpretation of student data and bar exam data.

The UNT Dallas College of Law is a new public law school whose inaugural class started in Fall 2014. The College of Law currently has, and plans to continue having, one full-time section of approximately 80-90 students, and one part-time evening division of between 40-60 students. For the near-term, each entering class will include a day section and an evening section of approximately these sizes. The College of Law’s goals are: (1) widening access to legal education for those who could be superb legal professionals but who cannot realistically access a legal education given factors including location, cost, and the current role of the LSAT in admission to and financing of law school; (2) providing an educational program focused on excellence in developing practice-related competencies, through a curriculum mapped to those competencies and using best instructional practices, including multiple formative and summative assessment throughout, engaged class design, and a spectrum of experiential education; (3) creating opportunity for our students by keeping tuition and debt low and producing graduates with high value and ability in multiple segments of the market for legal services; (4) becoming a national leader in advancing understanding of best legal education practices, of professional formation, and of the relationship between legal education and the evolving practice and business of law; (5) improving access to justice for underserved legal needs; and (6) serving as a valuable partner in civic engagement with the City of Dallas and the North Texas region.

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