Sunday, September 15, 2019

NCBE Practice Analysis

The NCBE is close to ending phase 2 of their bar exam analysis.  While I know many are skeptical, I do encourage everyone to participate in the process.  Our best hope, and maybe only hope, of lasting change to the bar exam is in this process.

The practice analysis survey will be live through the end of September.  We should pass this along to our recent alumni.  They may be the best people to provide feedback on whether the bar examines what first-year attorneys do daily.  Here is the link:

The NCBE posted on the testing task force blog earlier this week.  The recent post explains the completion of phase 2 and what to expect in phase 3.  You can read it here:

We may be at a turning point on the bar exam.  Let's do our best to provide the most information possible to help fundamentally change the admission process.

(Steven Foster)

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