Sunday, July 14, 2019

Positive Self-Talk

The bar exam is getting close.  This is the stretch run.  Bar prep is long and tiring.  All takers have accomplished a ton to get to this point, but don’t quit now.  Work hard for the next couple weeks to fully prepare for the exam.  You should know that everyone is exhausted at this point.  Stay positive the last couple weeks.  Positive thinking helps learn the material better and is a great way to beat the stress of the last few weeks.  There is an interesting blog post and research that just came out about positive self-talk in the second person works best.  Check it out here.

As everyone studies the last couple weeks, make sure to take normal breaks throughout the day.  Breaks are necessary to help the brain catch up to all the studying.

These last couple weeks focus on memorizing the law and practicing questions.  Memorize as much law as possible, and then do practice essay questions.  Keep doing practice MBE questions to increase scores through the exam.  Peak on exam day, so continue to improve up to the exam.

Everyone should know that you can do this.  Obtaining a J.D. is impressive.  Keep up the hard work throughout the bar.

(Steven Foster)

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