Friday, July 19, 2019

Congrats for SSRN Top 10 Downloads

Congratulations to Contributing editor Marsha Griggs for being in SSRN's top 10 downloaded papers in the Law & Society eJournals category each day from July 13th to 18th!  You can find her article "Building a Better Bar Exam" here.

Also Congratulations to ASP colleague Cassie Christopher for also being in SSRN's top 10 downloaded papers in Law & Society eJournals category on July 13th (and possibly more).  Her paper titled "Normalizing Struggle" is here.

We should definitely celebrate these accomplishments of our colleagues.  Also, this is a great sign that ASP scholarship is being read by more and more people.  Marsha did a great job intentionally citing to other ASP authors to increase exposure of our profession.  I hope we can all follow the lead to continue to promote ASP scholarship.

Congrats again for 2 great articles.

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