Friday, April 19, 2019

Following a Legend

Legends make a lasting impact on their profession and community.  Michael Jordan, John Elway, Bill Walsh, Tom Osborne, Barry Switzer, and many others changed the culture or view of their sports organization.  Legends also cast a long shadow.  Tom Osborne and Barry Switzer were arguably the best college football coaches at Nebraska and Oklahoma respectively.  Nebraska has not been the same since Osborne left in 1998, and Oklahoma fell into obscurity from 1989 to 1999.  On the other hand, George Seifert followed the great Bill Walsh as San Francisco 49ers’ head coach with 2 more Super Bowl victories for San Francisco.  Following a legend can be daunting.

I am definitely following a legend on the ASP blog.  Amy made a huge impact on students’ lives and the ASP community throughout her tenure, but if someone didn’t already know that, the ASP listserv responses illuminated the impact she had on all of us when she humbly announced her retirement.  I can remember reading the blog regularly when I started in ASP with little experience.  I appreciated all of her insight.  Her posts, and other contributing editors, helped guide programs I created and produced questions I needed to answer.  Students at OCU, and many other law schools, succeeded because of her.

I will always owe a huge debt to Amy.  Her expansion to have contributing editors posting on each day not only disseminated new ideas on a more regular basis, it provided me the special opportunity to distribute my thoughts to others.  I have thoroughly enjoyed posting my ideas and receiving feedback from the community. 

I appreciated the opportunity Amy provided me.  It was that opportunity that led me to this point.  I hope I can follow her great leadership and continue to help others develop new ways to reach students to maximize their chances of success in law school and on the bar exam.  My goal will be to continue her great work so I am analogized with George Seifert and not Frank Solich or Gary Gibbs.

(Steven Foster)

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